Apparition Reference Series 3A Digital Cable

by Marc Mickelson
Apparition Reference Series 3A Digital Cable

So Good it’s Scary
The Marigo Apparition Reference is the most sonically recognizable digital cable I’ve ever had in my system-and by a wide margin. You’ll first notice an increase in apparent bass depth and weight- no kidding-and then an improvement in the focus of
images that’s very seductive. The Marigo cable sounds exceedingly clear and free of grain and brings life to images.

Impressive stuff.

The sonic illusion of a performer’s physical presence has never been greater than during the Marigo cable’s time in my system.

Easily the best reproduction I’ve heard. Anywhere.

The ability of this cable to enhance the enjoyment of recorded music is other-worldly. Better bass and image focus, a stunning sense of grace and naturalness, and the endearing ability to raise the level of reality that your system portrays. That’s value.

Is the Marigo Apparition Reference perfect? It costs $595 for a meter length and none of my begging to Ron Hedrich to give the cable away has worked. Can you spend your 595 audiobucks better elsewhere? Only if you don’t have digital separates and thus can’t take advantage of a coaxial digital cable in the first place-so remarkable is the Marigo Apparition Reference Series.

Soundstage! April 1997


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