Aida CD Mat

The newly released Aida CD Mat is available now.
There is a very audible improvement in performance over the truly excellent Clear Transformation CD Mat.

Marigo-Audio-Aida-CD-Mat-(4)Four years in development, a powerful and proprietary new composite material has been crafted by Marigo Audio using an embedded carbon nano-tube structure which dramatically lowers micro levels of disc vibration.

The Aida CD Mat incorporates unique hand laid-up polarizing filaments creating tremendously rapid vibrational energy decay and a new semi-transparent coating which dissipates static build-up in real time– while the disc is spinning.

For maximum fidelity, a subtle but audible further sonic enhancement is achieved by orienting the Aida CD Mat in relation to the direction of the label on the recorded disc being played.

Yes that is unusual.

Here are details on this new technology incorporated in the Aida CD Mat:

  • The further sonic improvement using correct mat to label alignment is due to the critically aligned internal filaments in the Aida CD Mat interacting with the micro-vibrational patterns set up by the spinning disc. These vibrational patterns are skewed toward a polarized alignment by a subtle effect of the geometry on the surface of the disc LABEL.
  • In manufacture, the label is dot matrix printed in extremely fine parallel rows. These dot matrix rows are typically running parallel with the label writing. In the realm of micro-vibrational amplitudes, these dot matrix rows are mountains and the disc surface level vibrations are influenced to travel in the valleys between the dot matrix mountains. Now, when the Aida CD Mat is installed and aligned with its internal filament structure perpendicular to the disc label, very significant further vibration reduction occurs. As a reference to this phenomenon in the optical domain, you may remember that two polarized films placed in front of each other pass light when the polarized films are parallel aligned, but almost no light passes when the two polarized films are positioned perpendicular to each other.

Marigo-Audio-Aida-CD-Mat-(7)Go ahead, test it yourself:

It may be fun and instructive for you to test the efficacy of our new vibration control technology by listening to the Aida CD Mat aligned, and then not aligned, using any production recording. Hear what truly eliminating disc micro-vibration can do for the sound.

Additionally, the Aida CD Mat is extremely thin. It is a mere one fifth the thickness of the CD it is placed on.

Aida and our previous model, the Clear Transformation CD Mat are both 10 mils thick. That is just one hundredth of an inch, or 0.25mm.

Our new materials technology in conjunction with additional structural design and EMI absorption advancements offer significantly upgraded performance over the previous Clear Transformation Mat.

Our new Aida CD Mat is rightly considered as a significantly upgraded Clear Transformation Mat. All performance attributes of the Clear Transformation Mat apply.

  • The Aida CD Mat has increased musicality and nuance.
  • The Aida CD Mat has improved bass articulation, slam and extension.
  • The Aida CD Mat has improved coherence, pace and timing.
  • The Aida CD Mat has increased ambience and low level information retrieval.
  • The Aida CD Mat has more holographic imaging.
  • The Aida CD Mat is remarkably thin at only 20% the thickness of a CD, yet remains dimensionally stable.
  • The Aida CD Mat has improved proprietary coatings for superior static draining and EMI isolation.

Marigo-Audio-Aida-CD-Mat-(3)The MSRP of the Clear Transformation Mat is $199 USD.

We are offering an introductory discount. Please enquire.

The Aida CD Mat is available and shipping now.

Our Guarantee
The Aida CD Mat comes with an unconditional 30 day in-home audition and a full purchase price refund guarantee.

Our Warranty
This product carries an unconditional 5 years warranty to the original purchaser, covering ALL conditions, including damage, warping, or breakage.

Where To Buy
Please purchase the Aida CD Mat from your preferred local audio retail establishment. If you do not have a local dealer who carries this product, please contact Marigo Audio for factory direct sales support. Paypal and credit cards through Paypal are accepted.

Comments on our previous model, the Clear Transformation Mat


Marigo-Audio-Aida-CD-Mat-(6)Hi, just had to write to you with my impressions of the Clear Transformation Mat I have just purchased from Analogue Seduction, UK.

Wow! The Marigo Labs Clear Transformation mat I would say should not be considered an accessory but a must buy– -it’s that good!

I’m sure there are audiophiles like myself who have been tweaking CD a little at a time trying to coax out a better sound, trying to fix something that’s always missing from digital audio playback like the lack of natural decay, the lack of colour which makes performers sound like they’ve been bleached, and the headache inducing glare and glassy harshness CD can produce. The list goes on, making me wonder why we bother with digital at all, yet we do and I like many others persevere trying to get to the equivalent of digital Nirvana.

This Marigo Audio CD mat isn’t subtle in the benefits it brings to digital audio playback. It kicks down digital’s harsh glassy door, opening our systems to a natural sounding acoustic with live performers inside. With the Marigo Audio mat I can listen to a full performance without feeling uneasy or having to reach for the headache pills and that sense of something important is missing— has gone.

I’m now far more relaxed when listening which is always a good sign. I’m now enjoying listening to natural voices and instruments instead of sterile digital. The acoustic has opened out and is highlighted by ambient clues that I can hear against an incredibly quiet background. When a singer takes a breath they sound human, alive, warm. When a pianist plays you hear all the natural weight and decay of the notes.

This level of performance from CD must have been there all the time but I couldn’t hear it until now. Every CD I play on my Nuvista 3D sounds better with this mat, more natural, more alive and more enjoyable to listen to. This amazing ‘bit of kit’, whatever material it is made from and however it was made, works wonders and has been nothing short of a revelation in my system. My CDs sound much closer to the best I’ve heard from analogue and I won’t listen to any CD without the Marigo Audio mat. If you’re serious about CD I recommend you buy one as you’ll not hear what your CDs are capable of without it.

Thank you so much for improving my enjoyment of CDs.
Martyn Airey


Stereo Times 2016 Most Wanted Components

“Marigo Audio Clear Transformation Signature CD Mat”

 For those of us who still buy/play/rip physical media, this is a must try.

First, and perhaps most important, it’s as close to a universal CD/SACD/DVD/Blue Ray damper as you’ll find.  All previous mats I’ve used in my two very finicky transports have been chewed up and/or spit out.  The Clear Transformation is so thin and flexible that you’ll get no complaints from your player.

Sonically, it does away with digital artifacts while enhancing the richness and detail of your music.  At $199, it’s the least expensive digital accessory you’ll find that really makes a difference.

Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee from Marigo Audio.

(Dave Allison, Stereo Times) 


Marigo-Audio-Aida-CD-Mat-(5)STEREOPHILE show report

 The Lotus Group/The Voice That Is/Audio Power Labs RMAF room

I thought the system wonderful at handling complex information, keeping everything clean, and controlling the bass—superb in fact.

Doing the honors, dCS’s three-stack Scarlatti System ($69,247).

Ron Hedrich of Marigo Audio Lab brought in his newly released CD Mat. Joe Cohen was certain that the Marigo Audio CD Mat, a mere 0.01” thick, would work well in the dCS player.

The change was so apparent, and so positive, that Joe used the Marigo CD Mat for the remaining day and a half of the RMAF show.

What did I hear? Hunt Lieberson’s voice became fuller, the bottom of her tone extremely solid, and the entire presentation more of a piece. In addition, the sound was definitely more transparent, with images in clearer focus.

I can’t wait to try one in my dCS Puccini.

Jason Victor Serinus


I can strongly recommend the Marigo Audio Clear Transformation Mat — I use it all the time in my dCS stack and can clearly hear the difference in terms of unifying the recording into a coherent whole.

Simon Goodall


Wow — you really nailed it. The improvement in clarity, coherence, dynamics, and liquidity is simply stunning. Even compared with the Ultima Mat. This is THE best upgrade I’ve ever heard.

Arthur ‘Bud’ Craig


The Mat arrived and I have since been listening to many discs that I know well. It is an understatement to say that I am highly impressed. The immediate impression is how voices and instruments sound, as well as having solid, holographic imaging.  Low level information, which was previously a little indistinct, is now resolved.

Peter Martin


I can tell you the new Clear Transformation mat made a better than expected improvement to my system.  I really am more than pleased with the cost / benefit. The background got very quiet leaving more focused sound.

Bill Anderson


Marigo-Audio-Aida-CD-Mat-(1)In my equipment this Marigo mat makes an extraordinary difference. Before the Marigo mat, CDs sounded very immediate and precise through this equipment although, as always with CDs (I thought) lacking the warm, full sound associated with vinyl. With the Marigo mat, CDs now possess an ambience and warmth that I have never before heard from digital media. Over the years I have spent a lot of money trying to improve CD reproduction, using all sorts of CD treatments (cleaning treatments, lathe, strobe and negative ion treatments). All of these have worked, most of them adding clarity to the sound. This Marigo mat, however, takes things to another level. It improves the sound in a delightful way. CDs in my set up are now surprisingly close to vinyl and very musical. I would describe the improvement as a major breakthrough.



The difference the Marigo Mat makes is almost unbelievable. The improvements that I experience are more openness, more naturalness, the sound of real voices and instruments, better imaging, much better high’s (they really sing), better bass (more delineated), more details and separation of instruments.

It’s as if i have a cd player that’s two classes better, just like the best SACD players i have experienced.

You made my already wonderful music experiences more lifelike.

Jos Vossensteyn


I purchased the Marigo Audio CD mat for the express purpose of burning CD-Rs.

The results when using the mat for burning purposes have more than exceeded my hopes and expectations. When the CD-R is prepared with the Marigo mat prior to burning, the results when finally played back on my Rega CD player are excellent. The mat itself has been responsible for ameliorating many of the shortcomings noticeable between playing the actual burned CD-R on the Rega as opposed to playing the same CD master files directly on my desktop audio workstation. To my ears, a CD-R burned using the Marigo  mat has a cleaner, more precise, coherent and dynamic sound, noticeable at all critical frequency ranges, especially the bass,  upper midrange and treble which become more distinct and assured with less muddying.

It is quite clear to me that the Marigo mat is responsible for a significant improvement in the enjoyment of my music. I will certainly be burning all future CD-Rs using this CD mat.

Jonathan Parle


Well done again Ron, I had missed the release of the new Signature Mat until I happened to look at your website a few days ago.

The improvements over the excellent Evolution Mat are huge! For me the greatest impacts are the improvement in dynamics. This mat improves, not compromises dynamics.

Brian Daw


Fantastic and unbelievable! I have been using a carbon mat with my top loading and tray loading SACD and CD players. This Marigo Mat is on a whole different level even with top flight gear. Bass detail, overall clarity, ambiance, aliveness. You get to hear it all with this. An absolute must have and absolute bargain that everyone will want. NOT SUBTLE!!! It’s a breakthrough product. I have used the carbon fiber mats and some others and there is just no comparison.

Max Thompson

Marigo-Audio-Aida-CD-Mat-(2)Knowing that I had experienced so much disappointment with mats, Ron reminded me that it came with a 30 day MBG to allow my ears to be the judge. So I bought Marigo Audio’s Signature Mat and everything that he had said proved to be correct. It’s full-size but so thin that it never jams the ripper mechanism and does an absolutely remarkable job in revealing the sculptured notes of the music.

This mat is without peer. It minimizes macro/ micro vibration, prevents the buildup of anti-static electricity during ripping and removes a layer of sound degradation that no other product can touch. This mat is so thin that it will never jam the ripper.

Jonathan Crawford


I first heard of this company several years ago and had heard great things about his cd mats. Well I finally got back around to doing it and all I can say is Oh My Goodness! I could kick myself for waiting so long! This Marigo cd mat is a Technological Marvel. I was so amazed at the increased detail and increased width and depth of the soundstage. The highs were more articulate without any harshness. The mids have a more natural you are there feeling with more weight and Solidity. And as for the bass, well I currently use two subwoofers in my system and the performance is incredibly good. But I was quite frankly floored. The bass became more extended and musical. The improvements made to my system are equal to an equipment upgrade!

George Weathington