Power Cables

new model release

  PLATINUM power cable

1.8m (6′)


Design and build:

custom linear crystal solid core OFHC copper of highest purity.

Highly polished conductors. 

Double deep cycle cryogenic treatments of all conductors and plugs.

Our conductor purity, conductor treatments and proprietary geometry bring together a new performance reference for state of the art dynamic realism and low level resolution giving a truly live sounding harmonic envelope.

Custom proprietary dielectric materials eliminate subtle congestion and high frequency edginess inherent to typical dielectrics used.

Internal damping materials give fine tuning for ultimate bass performance for articulation and freedom from any one note bass resonance but is also not over-damped so there is exceptional tonality and harmonic fullness.

Proprietary RFI and EMI absorption materials coupled with two dissimilar braided copper very heavy gauge custom shields over all conductors eliminate contamination on the AC line from getting into the component.

Oyaide P004 AC plug

Oyaide C004 IEC plug

contacts are all copper with platinum plus palladium plating.


“I am mesmerized with the new Platinum power cables. This is really a very good improvement upon the Vanadium power cables.

Perfect. No need for any ‘adjustment’.”

Didi Satelitto

VANADIUM  power cable

1.8m (6′)




TUNGSTEN power cable

1.8m (6′)