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Evolution Signature CD Mats

The Evolution Signature mat wrought positive improvements from my Mark Levinson Reference 31.5 transport. The focus of everything in that sound stage is both tighter and possesses a three dimensional body that most digital simply lacks. Tone saturation is richer. The bass not only goes deeper, but is more tuneful as well. The highs are better defined and extended. The mid range is the icing on the cake. Voices are much better defined and clarified, combined with the improvement in density of tone and harmonic texture now sound shockingly real and alive. The sense of space and performance venue is greatly improved as well.
Overall the music has so much more of a relaxed quality to it similar to that of master tape analogue that allows me to simply listen to the music and not work as hard having my brain trying to connect the “digital dots”. The increased resolution, focus, dynamics, detail, sense of space, articulation, and what I would call a “continuousness” of saturated tone, all combine to literally transform my digital playback to a level that I have never experienced before! I know that this must seem like hyperbole. The overall improvement is SHOCKING!
In the context of my high end system the $200 that I had paid for the Evolution Signature mat that replaced the 3-D Signature V2 mat, was the cheapest money that I have ever spent for the most improvement in my system!

If anyone has a 3-D Signature V2 mat, they may be loathe to replace it, as it is most excellent. I can tell you from first hand experience, that the new Evolution Signature mat is on a whole different and much higher level of sonic improvement.

This is not just a simple “tweak”, this is an essential and basically “give away” priced in terms of the substantial sonic upgrade that truly must be experienced to be believed. In the context of my high end audio system, this is making an improvement that I did not think possible and at a price that was ridiculously low. Based on my listening experience, this may be the biggest bargain in audio today!

Robert Cooper

This is to let you know that your Evolution CD Mat is so wonderful!
I could never listen to the music without it.
Like I said in the previous e-mail:
Your first CD Mat is so good.
Your second one is better.
But this one is truly amazing that words cannot describe.
I would hope every audiophile “out there” can grab one and give it a try.
With deep appreciation,
Tu Le

Having used the new Evolution Signature mat for over two weeks, I can say that it has clearly increased my systems performance and my ability to further enjoy the music. Deeper, denser, saturated presentation. Music is fleshed out from a much darker background. Significant decrease in the feeling you are listening to digital versus high quality analogue.

It’s interesting that you don’t know you have system “noise”, even at a very low level, until it’s gone. That’s exactly what this does and a lot more.
I’m generally not one to gush but this, IMO, is a must have accessory. It’s also extremely thin and should pose no mechanical issues with the transport. My Cary 306SACD player has very little clearance. No operational problems.

Gordon Gray

Update on the Evolution Signature mat.
A couple of nights ago, I forgot to install the product.
Within five minutes or so, I said to myself that something didn’t sound right. I had played this CD the previous night. Replayed with the mat installed. Everything went back into sync.
By the way, I no longer consider this item as a tweak. For me, it is an essential playback component.
Gordon Gray

Didn’t need more than 5 minutes to make my decision.
I really liked the previous version, but WOW!!, what an upgrade. Congratulations on the new product!
Thank you very much.
Ralph Buehlmaier

received Evolution Signature mat. Incredible sound improvement! Worth every penny!
Robert Benway

This is the fourth iteration of Ron’s Marigo mat. I have found each successive generation an improvement, but with this one, Ron had hit the ball out of the park.
The sound staging and imaging is stupendous! I swear that I have another five feet of additional sound stage width on both sides of my listening room with much more resolution and sonic alignment of what is going on within that stage. The sense of the venue of the performance has never been so strong or apparent! I use Magico Q5’s and they perfectly couple to my room – The Q5’s bass performance is second to none in its speed and resolution. I have never experienced digital sounding so pleasurable, detailed, smooth, or accurate.
I think that we are similar in that we are experienced audiophiles and that the panacea is not necessarily in changing our equipment, but rather tuning and refining what we already own and enjoy. I know that I have invested a lot of time, experience, and money into my main system. It was carefully thought out – from the listening room, to the speakers in that room, to the isolated electric delivery to that room, to the components themselves, to the cabling that connects the components, and to the control of vibration. Everything in that system has a purpose and was chosen to work in perfect harmony with everything else. I am loth to change for the sake of change.

Our hobby is about having some fun and enjoying music.
This little mat has taken that enjoyment to a whole new level.

This is, in fact, simply one of the most shocking revelations that I have had in over thirty five years experience as an audiophile.

Robert Cooper