CD – DVD Mats


UDIOPHILE AUDITION July 2005 : “The last word in tweaks to go on top of or around your optical discs!”….review by John Sunier link to full review here.

SECRETS OF HOME THEATER AND HIGH FIDELITY July 2005 : “ I have tried the Marigo Labs Signature 3-D mat on a number of boom boxes and rack systems from different manufacturers. Without fail, it has transformed shallow sounding devices into systems capable of far greater color and musicality. It makes every system I’ve tried it on sound as though it cost at least twice as much.”….review by Jason Victor Serinus link to full review here.

Marigo Audio Signature 3-D Mat

Retail Price $200

The MARIGO AUDIO SIGNATURE 3-D MAT for CD & DVD utilizes a revolutionary and proprietary gold surface on top of anti-static black coating and optically absorbent green. This synergistically creates a new level of performance for both audio and video digital replay. With the MARIGO AUDIO SIGNATURE 3-D MAT in a CD transport or a DVD player, you will see and hear a dramatic improvement. Inner detail, resolution, and ambient information is enhanced tremendously in audio replay. The harmonic structure of instruments and human voice are revealed to be strikingly more lifelike.

In video replay, the MARIGO AUDIO SIGNATURE 3-D MAT greatly enhances picture detail and dimensionality. You will experience an involving 3-D video performance as never before.

Marigo Audio 3-D Mat, v2

Retail Price $95


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