VTS Tuning Dots

Ron Hedrich
Marigo Audio Lab

Dear Ron:

I finally got a chance over the weekend to install most of your Watt/Puppy upgrade. I am very pleased.

And although I am amazed that such small devices would have such an impact on my system, they are certainly worth the money in the right system.

Listening Notes:

Since you didn’t suggest any optimal sequence for installation, I began with what seemed easiest: installing the green and white dots on the Watts and the green dots on the Puppy. What I heard after this was a lowering of the noise floor and a reduction of spittiness in the trebles. (I recently installed some Versalab Red Rollers and Wood Blocks to reduce RFI in my system, and the results were similar, although the magnitude of the improvement with your dots was bigger.} I also became aware of more inner detail and that I was hearing more deeply into the music.

Next I installed the basket bands on the Watts, and I got more of the same. Treble extension also improved.

Then I installed the basket bands on the Puppies. I got a lot more bass definition, something that, frankly, I hadn’t thought the Puppies were lacking within their frequency range.

Up to this point I had installed about $350 worth of stuff, and I would have been happy if I’d spent three times that amount.

Next, I installed the bear feet and the speaker interface system. WHOW! Bass became deeper and tighter. The system became more rhythmic; pace was improved. And, on some selections, the bass was growling in a very satisfying way.

I stopped the upgrade process at this point, partly because the next step involves the 32mm disks — the first change that will change the appearance — and partly because I wanted to re-establish my reference expectations. But I continue to become aware of other improvements: Dynamics are clearly better. There is a fluidity in a reduction in “mechanical-ness” — in the system. The system isn’t less colored than before, but it’s less fuzzy in its presentation, and both bass and treble have been extended. I’ve not listened much to vocals, yet, but musical instruments, particularly strings and the piano, are considerably more lifelike.

So, bravo.

Leroy B. Schwarz


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